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A Spiteful and Vindictive Agenda

Will Hutton in today's Observer : has written an excellent piece on how a "spiteful vindictive" agenda is dominating our media- he talks for example about the " vilification of disabled people during the pursuit of welfare scroungers".

Anyway I was moved to make the response below :
Years of caring full time for my chronically ill and disabled wife, who receives no treatment whatsoever for her neurological disease : Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) , have given me such  profound insights  into who wields the  real power in the UK.

The fact that a small school of UK psychiatrists can so dominate the media , to the extent that NICE, GPs ,  Neurologists , the public, the Royal Colleges, the Medical Research Council, subscribe totally  to their hideously wrong ideology, based on nothing more t…

Linda's response to the BMJ

Feature:Medical Research :Dangers of research into chronic fatigue syndromeNigel HawkesBMJ2011

Voices From The Shadows Trailer

Voices From The Shadows

Voices From the Shadows

This film is probably the most powerful ME film you will ever see : I am certain of that.

Watch , weep and speak-out about the injustice that you and the people you know are experiencing daily. Things must change. THE TIME IS NOW.

This film will shock, horrify, enlighten and move you to tears; it highlights the psychiatric abuse of people with ME, as no other film has ever done.

The trailer has just been released on Facebook :

Breakthrough Prayer 9pm BST Saturday 4th June 2011

June 4th 2011We pray tonight that we are heard, that our needs are seen and that Truth of the reality of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis will be finally recognised and a true path of hope opened up for us all. AmenLord we do not know the way forward yet we trust in You to guide us We do not have all the answers Yet we trust in You to supply our need We do not know how to get well Yet we trust in You to lead us on a safe path. Lord in all things we place our trust in You, Amen.