Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 26th March 2011

March 26th 2011
London march against the cuts today.
We pray today for wisdom, integrity and openness to change; that the Government will see the extent of dissatisfaction about the level of cuts it is making.

We pray that they will hear the people's voice and not carry on the punative measures that will affect so many people of all ages and groups, especially the disabled and the sick,particularly people with ME.

We pray that all is held in the Heart of Love where miracles happen and joy is complete. We place our trust in God's goodness and the power of prayer to change hearts and minds.

We pray for a peaceful demonstration today, where the voice of the people is justly heard and answered.

Lord I cling to you in my need
 Keep me safe and help me to know
 that in you all will be well.


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