We Survive Another Day

We live in the broken places
Very few know or comprehend,
We live on the edge of life
Not knowing if or when we will fall off
Yet clinging on
regardless of the intense unbearable,
indescribable levels
of suffering
We hold on to all that is good
All that is true
All that is life
And will ourselves onward
Towards hope that seems hopeless
Yet still we demand of it
To come to our aid
Inspite of the unlikeliness
We trust in tomorrow
Even when today is tortured,
Impossible even,
Yet we do not give in to despair, instead,
Despite our own agony
Or even, because of it
Because we know what most cannot even glimpse,
We hold out invisible hands
And create a network of love
To gently embrace, surround and comfort
Those in desperate need
In the void of clinical neglect
And abject torment.
We will each other on
Where the world has turned its back
And simply has no answers
Nor recognition
As a result.
We somehow endure
And be
The bedrock
Of missing support,
Laced together by love
Reaching out towards the gap between heartbeats,
Praying and asking that
We survive another day.


  1. Well-written poem. I am framing it and putting it next to my bed. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much ! It is true that in so many ways, we are all the strength for each other.


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