We deserve more !

Reflecting yesterday upon how the NHS wants us local campaigners to compromise, to sign up to a document that increasingly reflects the institutional bias towards ME patients, a document that includes CBT and GET and is becoming more and more NICE biased ; all of which is an outrage, especially considering the time a lot of us have been putting into this "Consultation" process.

I was driving along and it hit me, so hard I punched the steering wheel : WE DESERVE MUCH MORE THAN THIS !!! We deserve the highest possible standards of honesty and transparency. We have invested so much into this process at who knows what cost, under the most appalling conditions , we deserve the most accurate outline of a proper biomedical, consultant led ME service that there has ever been.

We have got this far because we have raised our standards to the highest possible level -for that is what ME patients and carers deserve and need so bad. In my mind there is no question of compromise.

There just is no compromise upon the medical truth of ME.


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