A Biopsychosocial Recipe

Take on real, severely disabling and chronic
physical illness,
And piece by piece destroy everything
That defines it.
Change its name
Downgrade its symptoms
Minimize the criteria to identify it
Use rehabilitative techniques as first-line treatments
And blame us when we fail to get better
Deny the physical reality of it
Provide limited and incorrect information
To Government departments, the Benefit Agencies, the Health Service,
About the true nature and serious epidemic propensity of the disease
Ignore any physical research
That disprove the lies
Misuse money meant for accurate assessment and treatment
Focus on one single criteria - fatigue-
That is not even an essential symptom of the disease
Sentence thousands of people
To live their lives hidden away
Suffering daily
Hounded by Benefit Agencies
Denied by Insurance Companies
Ridiculed and derided by the public
Misunderstood by family, friends
And even doctors and nurses
Living in poverty
On the edge of existence
What is the outcome ?
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a Biopsychosocial model of "care".

Tastes disgusting, doesn't it ?

Linda Crowhurst


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