Greg Crowhurst : Spinning the web

If anyone looks up my name on a search engine,one of the first listings they come across is an article called "Greg Crowhurst : Spinning the Web" - a defamatory piece.

I was besieged by requests from the mainstream ME community to ignore the article when it came out - for it could very well have sabotaged the Judicial Review at the time.

I was not that bothered anyway. Being wronged seems to be par for the course, for anyone who is brave enough to take a stand . I am proud to stand along side giants like Malcom Hooper, Margaret Williams, Kevin Short; all of us have suffered similar attacks, in fact mine is nothing compared to the abuse that has been directed at them from ME "activists ".

However the wider world may not understand . The article greatly bothers my wife (for it also attacks her) and is of no help when I submit serious articles to the Nursing Press or indeed try and get my book published.

Thinking laterally , I have come across this incredibly appropriate Ethiopian Quote :
“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion” - how wonderful !

I love that analogy...

.so much that I have today changed the title of this blog. (...hopefully all these entries will relegate that defamatory article, in time, to a much more obscure page.)

By the way, here is the video that has so upset parts of the ME Community :


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