Our Day in Court

Our Day in Court
Greg Crowhurst
16th October 2009

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There is such a stark video on


detailing how the CDC withheld the facts, back in 1979, relating to the
danger of swine flu vaccination , from the American public, an omission which
resulted in hundreds of cases of severe neurological damage, that persist to
this day.

Shocked ? if you have experienced the hard politics of the ME world all these
years , no you are probably not anymore.

The same site points out how :

"Pharmaceutical company profits seem to be all that matters to our leaders.
For the medical bureacrats no lie is stooping too low. They have no limits to
their treachery and chicanery.

Oh, yes.

The owner of the site, Steve Barwick also covers the XMRV story, although
cautiously , for he is worried about Big Pharma "getting ready to use the
finding as a means of getting everyone who has been diagnosed with chronic
fatigue syndrome onto the AIDS drugs cocktail."

As a sufferer himself, he describes how :

"the medical establishment has despised the "chronic fatigue syndrome" diagnosis
ever since it first surfaced back in the 1980's. Indeed, every doctor I've ever
seen since 1993 has called the diagnosis of "chronic fatigue" a "trash can
diagnosis," meaning it's the diagnosis medical doctors give only when they can't
figure our what else to say.

In my own experience, every doctor I ever saw tried to put me on
antidepressants instead of recognizing the problem as an
infection. "

Similarly, in a scathing posting on Oslersweb. Com Erik Johnston brilliantly
describes :

" an epidemic of behavioral problems and personality disorders in doctors.

Patients expressing unfamiliar complaints to their physicians often induce the
"It's All In Your Head" (AIYH) or the "That's Impossible" response in doctors
suffering from these behavioral problems and personality disorders.

Physicians fixated upon the metaphysical belief system of "If we don't know
about it, then it doesn't exist" are suffering from a mental defect or
psychological condition known as "Doctors with Unexplained Medical Beliefs":
D.U.M.B."( http://www.oslersweb.com/blog.htm)

As Hilary Johnson so spectacularly declares though, all of this is about to
change :

"Our Vietnam war is over. Our Guantanamo has closed. The world has
flipped. It took one human generation, but it turned right side up today."

God bless us, that's all I can say.

If Mikovits is right and XMRV causes ME and given that antibodies against
XMRV have been found in 95% of the patients studied so far , it probably does,
then this discovery truly , as Annette Whittemore states, opens up "a new
world of possibilities for so many people. Scientists can now begin the
important work of translating this discovery into medical care for individuals
with XMRV related diseases."

XMRV is the first member of the Gammaretroviruses genus of retroviruses, to be
found in humans . Jody Smith describes the process :" XMRV joins with one's
DNA. It actually changes the DNA into a new thing with an XMRV twist, taking up
permanent residence. That means, if we're infected, we'll stay infected the rest
of our lives unless research finds a cure."


The idea of XMRV as a kind of "puppet master" (Dr Bell) that allows other
infections such as EBV or HHV6 or Lyme or enterovirus to become exacerbated is
generating much discussion right now. :(http://aboutmecfs.org/blog/?p=954)

XMRV is "the breakthrough that we have been hoping for. Now we have scientific
proof that this infectious agent is a significant factor in ME/CFS." declares
Annette Whittemore.

.The day the XMRV story broke I posted this comment on New Scientist :

"16 years of never-ending suffering; that is my wife's life with ME.

No part of her is free from burning, throbbing, tearing, crawling pain ,
numerous other symptoms attack every system of her body ; every day of the last
decade and a half has been a living hell. ME has cost us any chance of having
children, its cost us friends, career and opportunity, it has forced into a
dreadful poverty exacerbated by psychiatry's claims that ME is a mental

The stranglehold that a small group of psychiatrists in this country and the
USA, in the employ of the medical insurance industry, has had over government
policy and more shockingly over GPs and medical professionals who have no excuse
for not knowing better, for there has been overwhelming published biomedical
evidence for the last 50 years that ME is a real disease, has cost my wife and I

Can you imagine being with someone in such agony, day and night for 16 years
with nothing more to offer than your arms to hold ?

My ragged, exhausted, prayer is that AT LAST this is the turning point we have
all been holding on for.

For all the injustice, for what they have done to my wife , for all those that
they have locked up in secure psychiatric wards, and denied food and water to,
for those who have died from their interventions , for those who have had their
benefits , everything stripped away from them, I sincerely hope that the UK
psychiatric lobby will face its day in court."


But is that likely ?

The multi-billion dollar psychiatric-medical insurance industry, establishment
has proven to be very adept at ignoring the truth of ME over the years. And no
wonder , as that 1979 video shows , even then, it is big business who is in
charge , exerting a strangle hold, with their propaganda, over the media and

As John Pilger points out : "The press, the so-called mainstream - this ironic
term that's still used - the mainstream press and media are still and always
have been an extension of established power. The idea that it's a Fourth Estate
and that they're forever checking power is absolute nonsense and that's always
been the case."

One commentator, Lollly, on Hilary Johnson's blog so astutely speculates : "It
looks like Reeves (in the USA) will take the position that the XMRV-related
disease isn't CFS. He can then continue to claim that CFS is some form of
post-traumatic stress disorder that has no biomarkers and can absolve himself
from blame" (http://www.oslersweb.com/blog.htm)

What a pity the New Scientist turned to, of all people, Simon Wessely , for
clarification on the XMRV issue .

It was Simon Wessely who in a 2004 New Scientist article "favoured
psychological explanations for Gulf war illnesses. The only thing that could
have affected so many different people, he said, was stress, especially anxiety
about chemical weapons, misinformation about Gulf war syndrome afterwards, and
the many vaccinations Gulf troops received."

Oh well , it is going to be interesting then seeing how folk react to the 2009
Swine Flu vaccination which includes an adjuvant called MF-59 , containing a
very high dose of Squalene, strongly linked to multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers
disease, Parkinsons disease, ALS - and Gulf War Syndrome.

( http://www.newsmax.com/health/vaccine_swine_flu/2009/07/07/232717.html)

This is the same Simon Wessely, who, a year ago, in a Washington Post article,
"referenced the nineteenth century physician George Beard to attribute the
disease "chronic fatigue syndrome" to neurasthenia
(www.cfids-me.org/marys/postletter.html) .

Wessely's response to XMRV has quickly become famous : : "It's spectacular
but needs replication. And I hope that no one is thinking of prescribing
anti-retrovirals on the basis of this," said Simon Wessely, professor of
psychological medicine at King's College London. "It's very preliminary and
there no evidence to say this is relevant to the vast majority of people in the
UK ." with the condition."

How rich coming from the man whose cherished aim has long been to "eradicate"
ME as a distinct entity: if a disorder does not officially exist, then no-one
can suffer from it and there would be no need for expensive provision for it and
benefits need not be paid for it. This also seems to have been his modus
operandi in the case of Gulf War Syndrome."
(Margaret Williams 2006 , A Medical Morass

... As if there has been a shred of proof, all these two decades that Wessely
has been writing, that ME is a somatisation disorder.

It is enough to make you weep tears of relief that Annette Whittemore can so
confidently assert that "Patients and their doctors will soon have a blood test
to verify their diagnosis and provide the answers that they've been seeking".

But a blood test is not all that is not all we patients and carers will be

It is not just tears of relief we are crying around the world. Oh no, hear
the lions roar of anger :

Luminescentfeeling sums it up so well :

"Give ME patients a blood test for an infectious retrovirus that is available in
the USA or we take the DOH/NHS to court

Once we have the test, we take them to court anyway for 'inappropriate
therapeutic intervention' due to misdiagnosis and wilful neglect - causing PTSD
and long term mental health problems of stress, social phobia and anxiety.
Additionally we sue for lost earnings, defamation, and avoidable damage caused
to tissues and brain." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koB4r85Xk6U).

For me, though, now this day has finally come , I find myself strangely
reflecting on what Martin Luther King said :

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of
our friends."


  1. Greg - your integrity, grit resolve, and eloquence, brings strength and hope and a voice, to those of us who echo your sentiments, - just when we need it the most.
    Thank You
    much love to you and Linda,


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