Second - hand Christmas

I visited my elderly, widowed mother yesterday; for the first time in months.

Carer poverty. My mum had to buy me coffee; I have no money. How I would have loved to have been able to purchase that red coat she was looking at.

My Christmas presents this year, as every year , are paltry items, from second hand stalls and pound shops. Anything above £2.00 is a major purchase, a luxury.

Carer poverty; the 20 something pence an hour that carers receive is a far bigger scandal that the Banker's bonus's . Yet that is what dominated the news yesterday : highly -paid bankers are holding the Government to ransom over their multi-billion pound bonus schemes .

While those of us who care for society's most sick and disabled are expected to get by on about £7.00 a day; the lowest of all income replacement benefits. My Christmas "bonus" - yes they call it that, this year, will be £10.

What if we carers threatened to withdraw our services too ? We who save the UK about £60 billion a year.

We never would though, would we ? We are ignored by ALL governments, because we have no political clout. Only love.

I feel flat and low today; it is hard to hold your head up sometimes.

year ?


  1. What you give in other ways is priceless.

    You should hold your head high for all that you have achieved despite the horror of your situation.

    You are an inspiration to many people.

    Shine on!

    I got my £10 bonus too... I am still waiting for cold weather payments. I hope you got yours!




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