A Carer's Response to "Magical Medicine" by Hooper and Williams

They say that narrative is everything; it's how well you tell your story that counts today. That must be true for the psychiatric lobby have got where they have , not on the basis of sound science or reasoning, but upon a fantasy that suits the Insurance companies , a fairy tale, a made-up story, a prejudice-fuelled myth that has destroyed so many lives.

It's all hot air and illusion.

Malcom Hooper's and Margaret William's masterpiece forensically, in excruiciating detail strips bare the psychiatrist's flimsy clothing and exposes them as the lunatic, madly dangerous fanatics that they are; comparable to the Nazis. How incredible that CoCure has published this - for they have explicitly told me, in the past, they do not publish any material linking the psychiatric lobby to the Nazi party.

Well, how else can you draw the stark comparisions ? After all it was the Nazis who first coined the term : "the undeserving sick", so beloved by the insane psychiatric lobby.

Wll anyone in their right mind, wish to belong to Action for ME after reading this document ? Not likely - but at over 400 pages that's a tall order for ME patients.

Could anyone with a modicum of sense not be able to see through the utter nonsense that is the PACE and FINE trials , after reading just the first page of this unrelentingly tough paper? You would think so, but as a Registered Nurse I despair at how my colleagues seem to have lost all reason when it comes to ME. So taken-over , so stuck.

Will it come to anything ?

..up against a multi-billion dollar industry, up against almost total domination of the media, up against New Labour ? Of course it will be rubbished.

What do you think ?

Yes, it will ! That's what I think. Because we ARE winning, the tide has more than turned XMRV and Lynn Gilderdale's death has opened eyes across the world to the reality and suffering of ME.

Hell , yes, because I am going to use it , this is gold dust, this is heaven sent, this is a weapon to wield like a sword in my ongoing battle; it's individual action that counts most of all.

Yes, because it is the TRUTH, told in this extraordinary document as never before ; there is nothing more powerful :

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." (Martin Luther King)



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