The Budget : where's the ME Charities ??

Stonebird : the lived Experience of Severe ME

A  response to  The UK Budget :
 where's the ME Charities ??
Greg & Linda Crowhurst 22 June 2010

(permission to repost)

Where 's  ME ??? Learning Difficulties , Autism, Mental Health, seemingly every  big charity have issued a Budget response already , strongly condemning the plans for Welfare Cuts and DLA .

 But where's the outraged voice of  ME ??

Come 2013 and if you are a Severe ME sufferer claiming DLA, you will have to undergo a (disdainful ) encounter with a medic who has not the faintest notion of the complex neurological disease that is Severe ME ;  it's going to be called  a  readiness to work assessment.

How can continuing to deny the reality of the physical illness that is ME  and  how can the ongoing   refusal  to biomedically treat ME,   be expected to get anyone back to work ? Continually hounding people with ME  to jump through hoops to prove they are ill, is not going to ready them for work.

If  Osborne 's  preposterous Welfare plans are not challenged, starting today,  the  cost  to the severely affected is going to be unspeakable,

When they cannot see people normally, when they cannot live in the real world  because the environment is so hostile to their bodies, when they cannot process information and when any stress is likely to  lead to worsening symptoms, never mind the post-exertional impact ; how can those who have the nightmare that is severe ME , be expected to undergo all that a back -to -work assessment would entail ??

Surely  people with Severe ME  should be exempt from any  readiness to work assessment and surely the ME Charities should be shouting that out tonight ?

The silence,  though  is deafening. Where are the ME Charities anyway ??

Who is really  speaking up for people with Severe ME ? Who is really making an impact ? Who is being listened to ?

How can we possibly  be heard if the people who say they represent ME are not yelling out  that George Osborne's Budget  is not only  unjust; it is dangerous for people with Severe ME ?

And where is the Coalition's promise to protect the poor in this persecution  of the very sick and disabled ?


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