Today I feel my Powerlessness

 Today I feel My Powerlessness

I shake with powerlessness and rage . All of a sudden , here in the UK it’s those on Disabled Living Allowance who are responsible for there nor being enough police men on the beat; the Prime Minister announced in Parliament yesterday.

As Chris Ford argues so powerfully  , scapegoating of the  most vulnerable is entrenched in the New Right agenda :

the New Right and some of their supporters continue to cling onto some notions of eugenics in order to scapegoat unpopular minority groups who are viewed on the right as the new 'undeserving' poor. These include indigenous groups ( for example, Maori and Aboriginal peoples), ethnic minorities (who mostly hail from immigrant backgrounds) and single parents, amongst others. With the emergence of the New Right and their neoclassical agenda of shrinking the size of the state, there has been a need to scapegoat these and other groups. This has been done in order to popularly advance free market economic and social agendas which have seen the rise of social inequality. “ 

Chris Ford

I shake with rage because because the persecution, the harassment, the blaming of the sick is no different from what happened all those years  under New Labour , shame on them,  from what is happening all the time to advance the Corporate Medical insurance Industry agenda , from what is  happening  under the ongoing  influence of the Psychiatric Lobby : people with ME  now labelled as the “undeserving sick”.

I note with despair the growing mercy-killing agenda.

And I think to myself, I write in my journal this morning , I’ve got to get my wife out of this system, for it is killing her.

But  there’s only me and my dog ;  no money, no status, no say, no time, too much pain.

Today I feel my powerlessness.


  1. Was diagnosed in 1991...and have tried to alip and slide to all wears on one so much...You wife is blessed to have you to cover her back......<3

  2. My blood is also boiling over this! It's not right.... Grrr...


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