No More ! to CFS...

No More ! to CFS...

Apparently I, and others , I am certainly not alone, see for example Magical Medicine , have been guilty of Goodwins Law which states that as an internet discussion grows longer, the greater is the chance of a comparison to the atrocities committed by the Nazi Party being made.

The trouble is that Goodwins law has come to mean that once you mention the Nazis, you have lost your argument somehow. Very hard to post anything for example on CoCure that mentions the Nazi Party. Extraordinary , given how their deathmaking policy towards the disabled, so closely echoes the psychiatric lobby's stance towards people with ME - the same scathing language that is used to describe them - and even the causing of death; ah but there I go again.

After all these years of trying to fight back , I would like to propose my own law : the Stonebird states that as a discussion - on the internet or in life, grows longer there comes a point when you say "!", please excuse the language.

Now that point seems to have been reached on the British Medical Journal site, where Attorney Justin Riley has bluntly demanded that the BMJ: " Please Remove Defamation of ME Patients"

Laurence Swift's response is equally powerful, in its critique of the medical establishment and their inexcusable attitude towards ME patients. The " synthetic term CFS, must be retracted" he says.

The "!" moment, is when you raise your head up and you shout " NO MORE ! " , and it is long overdue . It will really happen when not just the BMJ, but all people with ME, around the world finally sever all associations with that awful " synthetic" term "CFS".

CFS has nothing to do with ME but everything to do with the ongoing lack of treatment for my wife and the countless others this day who face hour upon hour of relentless, never-ending suffering , completely wrecked lives and this ongoing persecution.

No More !


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