Starts off in agony, stays in agony, is dealt with in agony...we get through, but the pain, the suffering is immense.

And in the early hours, my wife is unable to sleep because of the raging symptoms. I reach out, from the depths of sleep.

And here it is Sunday morning.....another day in our  life.


  1. I know that the treatment options in the UK are abominable, but can your wife at least have her vitamin D levels tested, or has she had them tested?

    I know that probably sounds insulting, or too simplified, but low vitamin d levels can certainly affect inflammation, pain, immune many different things.

    Restoring low vitamin d may mean taking 5,000-8,000iu's a day. It certainly won't be a cure, but might help her reduce her pain levels and improve immune function by 20-30%.



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