You do not have ME !

It's those who get in touch and say look, if only your wife would drop her resistance to psychiatric therapy, or if only you would open your mind to the Lightening Process, don't you know you are keeping her unwell by your hostility , that Linda would get well : it's those who  best express the travesty of Chronic Fatigue .

My wife is so painfully ill on every conceivable level, her agony is so overwhelming, yet the likes of her have been absolutely ignored by the medical profession , while those who dare to write the sort of emails I receive, those who are so quick to condemn what they could not possibly understand, for they do not have ME, these are the ones being helped . These are the ones millions of pounds are being spent on (in the name of ME): and even then the evidence that CBT and GET actually works, even on them ,  is overwhelmingly inconclusive.

Meantime, I ignore them. It's only when one of their condemning emails  slips through and Linda reads it; then I am filled with a rage so profound that I don't know what to do.

When I calm down,  I find it spurs me on  . Such a profound evil .

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