Could Florence Nightingale nurse us back to health? (A Response)

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Could Florence Nightingale nurse us back to health?
 The Guardian 13 Aug 2010

The medical establishment today would most likely dimiss Florence Nightingale as a "malingerer" in need of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to "cure" her "maladaptive thinking.

Florence Nightingale ( and Charles Darwin too by the way) , who suffered, most likely from ME - leaving her housebound, too fatigued to talk to more than one visitor at a time, for many years, would despair at the way the NHS offers no physical tests, no biomedical treatments for this neurological disease, rather it just leaves patients in agony, as it did in her day, suffering from a multitude of severe physical symptoms for decades on end.

ME Awareness Week , every year is timed to coincide with Florence Nightingale's birthday.

What would Florence Nightingale,say to Andrew Lansley about the Government refusing to spend even a penny on desperately needed biomedical ME research - while wating millions every year upon useless "thought-changing" psychiatric "therapies"

Oh, but Florence Nightingale would simply be dismissed, without any proper investigations, as an "hysterical" woman, I almost forgot; she would stand little chance of influencing much today.

ME is reckoned to be five times bigger than AIDS, the annual cost to the USA economy alone is estimated to be $ 20 billion : how much longer can the world afford to ignore it ?


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