Grrr !!!

So wound up, literally, was I by that Press Statement from the Science Media Center, which Jean Harrison posted on CoCure this morning , that I simply had to do something to contain  myself....

So I got out my bike.

While I was standing on the street getting myself sorted out : IPod, helmet, goves, glasses, a woosh of lycra sped past: a multicoloured  swarm of cyclists -  and dissapeared.

Anyway I jumped on and set off peddling furiously : "PNAS...Sceince Media Centre ..grrr...."

The woosh  of lycra appeared on the  horizon....

"Grrr...Science Media Centre,,,such a blatant  outrage.........!

Suddenly the other cyclists were just ahead of me , cycling up what passes for a steep hill here in Norfolk.


I was in the centre of them, head down, fuming, and then way out in front

I had  caught up and passed the woosh, all less than half my age,,,,,, on a hill !!!

Off I sped like a dart and came back eventually , still peddling furiously.

I will never know if I set a world record for speed this morning or not !!!! (I think it's just possible ...)

 Wessely's sure helping to keep me fit....!!


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