Attack over the Lightening Process

I've just been attacked by, yet again, over the Lightening Process .

I regularly receive  letters , telling me that I need to think carefully about my stand on the LP, how I personally could be responsible for denying people with ME , including Linda, my wife,  the "opportunity to recover."

Here is part of  my reply :


 I have never said the LP can't help some people; only that it is dangerous for people with genuine ME.

The LP is the last thing people with ME need; I am shocked by the tone of your email; I I have received  many similar letters to yours;  all demonstrating the same worrying cult-like mentality.

LP evangelists, like the psyches are doing enormous damage to the uphill struggle for biomedical recognition that people like myself wage every day, year after year.

You could be responsible, through your careless advocacy of the LP,  for people making themselves severely ill - or dying.

My wife lives in extreme pain, paralysis, unable to eat, talk much, walk... cope with noise, light, sound.

She is also a fully qualified counsellor , social worker and teacher. She is profoundly spiritual,   self-aware, without a shred of depression or negative thinking.

So you think she could be cured if only she undergoes a 3 day intensive thought- changing programme  , bouncing around on a mat ?

So you suggest I am keeping her ill by my negativity towards the LP ?

So you suggest that ME is all to do with thinking the wrong thoughts ?

So you think Linda could do this, do you ?

You think she could travel to a venue and take part in the LP do you ?

You think the LP heals brain damage, pesticide damage, mitochrondrial damage, restores Natural Killer cell function, fixes the genetic defects, restores the immune and central nervous system defects, deals with the awful gastro/intestinal abnormalities,... and is safe for a heart on the point of cardiac collapse ?

You think she is to be blamed somehow for not trying , do you ?

You think I am personally responsible for blocking people including Linda from getting well, do you ?

What do you think you are doing ?


  1. Professor Bill BarkerOctober 16, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    I know of a way for you stop receiving this sort of mail. Just pay me £600 and I'll show you how to stop 'doing' these letters. This 'training method' involves standing on a coloured piece of paper and saying the word "stop" in an assertive manner. Please bear in mind that it can take a lot of practice to achieve desired results. If these distressing letters still arrive then you're obviously not trying hard enough. It won't work if you don't believe that it can work...

  2. Professor Bill - this is brilliant ! What a great idea. Let's go into business !

    My wife says that if she got well after 17 years of being ill by standing on a piece of paper and saying "stop", she'd be incredibly embarrassed and wouldn't tell anyone...

  3. I'm thinking of doing LP and taking my Nan along with me, I've been bedbound with severe ME for 9 years, my Nan is dying from MS- paralysed and tube fed with the damage effecting her breathing control- she could pass away anyday now. How ever if we pop along to LP then I will be cured and she won't relapse for 50 years, sounds like a great plan....

    Thanks for having the guts to post your blog entry, I'm not posting my name for fear of the LP backlash I always seem to get if I speak out about it!


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