The awful big Denial Machine

The awful big denial machine
Greg Crowhurst 15th Oct 2010
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The   BBC world service announcement yesterday knocked me backwards  : I  couldn't get out of the car for a minute or two  -  I had to let the news sink slowly in.

Some 13 per cent of Germans it seems,  feel  “Germany needs to be ruled with a firm hand by a strong leader or "Führer ” – a term exclusively associated with Adolf Hitler. 

Good grief : I had only just  written on this blog :

"In Europe, in the 1930's , the strict austerity and economic measures, that were implemented  lead to complete chaos , the collapse of democracy and the rise of murderous dictatorships right across the continent. "

You  reap what you  sow; ain't that so ?

I was reading Michael Moore's account this morning , of  "economic terrorism" : the way companies are destroying lives .  He says : "There is a rage building throughout the country and, if you're like me, you're scared shitless."(Downsize This ! Pan Books 2002, p. 15). 

Too right ! It is directly because of the insurance lobby’s stranglehold on the UK Government, on Democrat and Republican administrations and on Congress, that  my poor tormented wife  faces another day today of unrelenting agony, without anyone helping her. 

Rage : I tell have no idea.

Martin Weiss has coined the term "Denial Machine" to describe the Medical Insurance Company's  particular skill in destroying lives.

From our perspective down here, it is  the ongoing denial of ME that concerns us most,  that so affects every moment of our life. 

A campaign  of denial,  that  has been conducted so mercilessly, so skilfully, with such exquisite expertise, that people with ME are not only denied any hope of treatment or a cure, they are almost certain to be made worse or killed by the official "help" on offer and their disease , renamed "CFS", a nonsense term,   is treated with universal  disdain , disgust even,  right across the medical board.

Dr Sarah Myhill is  the latest  high profile  casualty. Do anything for people with ME and you will be ruined Doctor .

That is the message.

But here's the thing that would most baffle any  visitor from Mars : patients themselves  describing  their disease as a syndrome called CFS !!

Doctors and Consultants actually  publishing scholarly papers on "CFS" !!

 Researchers  and Services using, taking seriously the fairy-tale CDC  Criteria !!

Why ?? the alien would wonder ;  scratching her  head ,  looking around n bewilderment, as a dazed-looking, disheveled  carer steps out of his car, shaking his head . 


  1. Medical Insurance is just one spoke in a big wheel. The main alien head-scratcher would be: how have so many people become so much in debt to so few! People with ME are the low-hanging fruit for those attempting to support a system of debt slavery.


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