Breakthrough Prayer 9pm BST Saturday 23 October

We come to tonight's Breakthrough Prayer circle meeting with more news of injustice for people with ME; the ludicrous reason given by the UK Blood Transfusion service that the reason for the ban on people with ME giving blood  is to protect them from the exertional effects of giving blood.

No mention of the  risk of infection;  this is shocking from a UK Government body,  alongside the disclosure of the PACE and FINE Trial manuals, which show a blatant disregard for the biomedical truth of ME :

We need to hold these issues powerfully in the Heart of Love and believe in the power of prayer to change hearts and minds.

We pray for people to have the strength to stand up and speak out about this gross injustice to people with ME and we pray that we will be effective and unite in one voice for the truth of this devastating neurological disease that is being completely suppressed.

We pray for the success of the demonstation in London on Nov 1st outside the Dept of Health : 

We pray especially tonight  :

I do not know what to do
   Lord show me
I do not have any answers
   Lord speak to me
I do not see the way clearly
    Lord be my light
I do not know the path to take
   Lord be my guide.

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