Breakthrough Prayer : 9pm BST ,Saturday Oct 16 2010

A call  to pray for justice and truth

We invite people to unite and pray with us , for there is great evil at work in the ME world. We especially keep in mind the terrible injustice done to Sarah Myhill, who was suspended from practice on Thursday. This is a total travesty of justice and the whole situation needs to be held in the power of prayer.We will be praying the Breakthrough Prayer tonight and ask you to pray additionally that the  wrong done to Sarah Myhill be put right : 
Our need for Truth
and Justice is absolute
May your Power 
and Wisdom
be seen in the world
and may all wrongs
be put right. Amen.
We ask you 
to help us
We ask you to pour
Your healing Power
Your Wisdom
Your Truth
Your Justice
into the world
and save us
from our distress
and desolation

as  more people join  in with us in prayer,so the message goes out and we are filled with strength and peace and new hope to combat all fear.

Lord ,
Guide us in the way of Mercy
may Your presence
always lead us
and fill us 
with Your Holy Peace
not of the world.

Let us not be downtrodden, fearful or afraid. We place our trust in God who will never abandon us and join in with prayer with you this evening.


  1. I have had M.E for 12 years, the last seven severely. I am also a Christian. I agree with you that there seems to be evil operating in the sphere of M.e. Pray we must.


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