Praying the Breakthrough Prayer

"Am I young enough to believe in revolution;
am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray ?"
Kris Kristofferson

The day went nowhere much;  drowned  in tears. Tears of pain, of frustration , accepting that this is the most it is going to be, on a sunlit, beautiful day, where if Linda was well we would be walking our dog on the beach; ah, but she is never, never well and getting worse.   Us hugging in the middle of the afternoon ,  in that desperate place   , knowing there's no one to help, to advise , to offer any hope of a way out of this gruesome suffering.

Come just before  9.00 pm and Linda lights a candle; would I pray the prayer ? I couldn't; I can't pray, I am so stressed-out.  But I could press the button and play the video.

Linda on both sides of me and I heard these words :

"By the power of your Holy Spirit uplift our carers and lighten their heavy load in dealing with this unrelenting illness and their own despair."

Together we "threw", we pushed, I punched, I heaved, I grasped the oppression, the deceipt, the lies by the scruff of their neck and we shouted out most powerfully, two voices, one prayer : and we were not alone last night   :

"May the mountain of ME be removed and thrown into the sea. "

Amen !

Glory be to the Father
to the Son
to the Holy Spirit.

we prayed, so close, together and I laughed and laughed; a laugh of great power and joy.

I cannot thank Theresa and Pauline and dear "...." enough, for the light.

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