To those who have made Nov 1 happen....

To those who have made Nov 1 Happen

Thinking about the protest  on Nov 1; like a drowning man.

To those who have made it happen, I salute you.

To those who will be there you carry the hidden, the neglected, the suffering , those getting worse by the day;  you  move  boundaries,  you open up  a new front, you  make the invisible visible, you tear down walls , we cannot thank you enough. You save lives.

To those who have designed the  posters , yours is  the gift of hope, you give us  a reason to carry on struggling here in the ocean of pain, for you speak  direct to the human spirit.

To those  who cannot be there, your grief , your tears, your endless loss will flood , will rain down upon   the Department of Health ,  sparkling, dazzling  as a tsunami for yours is the most powerful ministry.

To those, like me, who  don't even know what to do anymore to help , our silence is roaring.

Everyone, shout out on Nov 1 and  it will be as ten thousand voices.

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