Breakthrough Prayer Circle 9pm BST Nov 27th

Tonight we pray the Breakthrough Prayer , continuing to trust in God's goodness and presence here with us.

Living with Severe ME is a daily struggle, we need His help, we need His Power, we hold onto Him in faith, trusting that miracles can and do happen, trusting that change will come.

And so we also pray :

Out of all problems
All wrongs, all hurts
Let healing spring eternally
And peace flow in abundance.

May we be blessed
With confidence and trust
In You Lord
Knowing that all things
Are possible to God.

Let us ask with boldness
For healing and help
Let us ask with confidence
In the name of Jesus Christ


  1. Thanks Greg, we too know that our love of and being loved by God is vital to our capacity to live life in any manner let alone to live it with severe ME. Willo and I thank you.

    Rodney Ravenswood


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