Breakthrough Prayer Circle 9pm BST Saturday Nov 20,2010

 We continue to  pray the Breakthrough Prayer , with absolute trust and hope in our hearts. Amen.

We focus on Trust,trust in God,trust in the power of truth to change hearts and minds.We keep our eyes on the truth of this illness,we lift our prayer up to the Heart of Love with total conviction that God hears,that God knows, that God acts.

We trust in His Mercy to save us.We trust that the time is now.

And all there is is love
And all there is love
And all there is is love
This is my mantra
This is my truth
This is my way
This is my hope
This is my path
This is my place
I return here again and again and again
I return here in trust again.

Living with ME is a struggle.We look for inspiration and light to guide us.This is encapsulated in this song :

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