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It was just the  seagulls and fields here ,  big, big sky and  me on my bike   thinking I need to take myself seriously as a writer- or I am going to go mad.
I write letters to agents , but when I read them later...cringe...that, I realised this morning is because I don't yet take myself seriously  a writer.
So I have joined   Litopia  , the writer's colony : it is me ,then,  being a writer. Yes , yes, yes.
This quite hard actually - for being an ME activist is such a large part of my identity : one I need to move on from,  in so  many ways.
I've spent at least 10 years working on my children's tale :  The Adventures of Nick Swift. In the meantime I've had two spiritual books published - by mainstream publishers.  Nick Swift however  is my driving passion.
I am talking  back-to-the -wall .  Either I get The Adventures of Nick Swift published ,or what ?? Decades of suffering inevitably lie ahead;  I have to do something about it. You need money,you need influence, you need to be able to fund a clinic, cutting-edge biomedical research.
Right now I have none of those things; 18 years of caring has stripped everything  away and pushed us into deeper and deeper poverty and isolation. There's only my creativity, my love for my wife and this book that I  have spent a decade writing left.
  I am reaching out.
 I have  begun a new blog too - on the process of being an author :


  1. Wonderful Greg, I am so glad that you are doing this. It's important on so many levels. But most of all it's important because this is part of who you are.


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