Breakthrough Prayer 9pm Saturday 18 December

A Christmas message with love from Linda 

Christmas is a time of joy for some and a time of sorrow for 
others or maybe even a combination of the two. It is a 
challenge to celebrate for each of us within the limitations 
placed upon us by severe ME . Perhaps we can focus on the 
birth of Jesus Christ, the Light of the word, and celebrate 
this joy in our hearts, whether or not we can physically join 
in with the festivities going on around us. 

Think of the child safe and loved , lying in the manger, 
surrounded by the animal, visited by the shepherds and 
Kings from afar who saw the truth of this tiny child. For He 
has come to bless us all, for all time - every single one of us.

At Christmas He becomes a frail and vulnerable baby, 
dependant on others for everything he needs. How trusting 
He is, how accepting of the love given to him by those who 
humbly seek him. 

Let us open our hearts and minds to this child and ask him to 
come in and shelter with us, held in the safety of our loving , 
though sometimes fragile, hearts.

 He knows our vulnerability. 

He knows our dependency. 

He knows our needs intimately . 

Let us invite him in and make a welcome place for him to 
live in us, so that we can come to know him better. Let us 
celebrate this tender new openness to the Lord. Let us 
celebrate the birth of Love with us, here to stay. 

Let us be glad that we can make a special space for him and 
dwell with him in peace and wonder. He has said that he 
will come to live in us and we can live in him. We only have 
to ask for this special grace. So let us ask and reach out in 
love and hope. Let us grow in mercy and compassion, peace 
and trust as we celebrate the birth of Christ this Christmas. 
May he bless us all. Amen. 

Tonight we pray the Breakthrough Prayer and the ME Power Prayer for Truth .

Peace and Hope for all the world
Strength to you
dear struggling child
Joy to the pilgrim who has found a home
a blessing to you; you are not alone

This is the truth of Christmas

The Son's soft touch
on a winter's day
a comfort for the lonely,for the lost for you,

A lamp  that burns on the coldest night
dispelling  all darkness with
 His love's bright Light

This is the truth of Christmas

A hand for the man
who stumbled and fell
A tear forthe daughter
who's crying in pain,
a vulnerable Child that can give only love
the Gift of Life sent from Heaven above

This is the truth of Christmas
(Glory to God in the highest)


  1. Happy Christmas to everyone who can join us every Saturday at 9pm and to all who can't.xx


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