Breakthrough Prayer Circle 9pm BST Dec 4th

This evening, as we pray the Breakthrough Prayer we especially remember all those people with ME who are dependent on others to get their needs met; particularly during the freezing temperatures and snow .

We pray that they will get the help they need, that carers will be able to reach them throughout the bad weather, that all will be able to keep warm and have enough food to eat and not run out .

We think of the people who are isolated because of this illness and pray that this unexpected bad weather does not increase their difficulties.

May we be blessed with
confidence and trust in You Lord
knowing that all things
are possible to God.

May hope always abide in our hearts
May love always abide in our thoughts
May peace always abide in our actions
May joy always lift our spirits.

We continue to ask God for a radical change in attitude and policy for people with ME. We continue to hold our prayers in hope and trust and faith, that miracles can and will happen.



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