ME is a darkness; when the flat light of reality strikes, the emptiness is revealed : the chair where my wife spends most of her life : no trips to the sales, to Church, to restaurants, clubs, the nearby beaches, with me and the dog; no, just the chair that my wife occupies year in, year out,  in  tear-your-guts-out  agony

My anguish. Knowing that Christmas really is too much for her, she is so terribly ill.

Our almost total isolation here : how that can hit home !

The darkness, Jung once said, referring to one's mysterious , personal  "dark "side is 90% gold. I always hold onto that.

The darkness here is full of infinite treasure. Sure there are times when our existence is laid bare in all its terrifying deathly starkness. 

The other 90 % of the time though we enjoy a closeness of relationship  and a depth of life that transcends all boundaries, borders and restrictions imposed by the disease. From our two chairs we soar and touch the sky and stars.

It is the 10% that fuels my anger, my fighting rage, my gross impatience with the hideous fudging, the deceit, the lies, the games,  the manipulation that goes on, in the name of "ME": especially from the "ME" community, where the loudest voices are often the most compromised.

Where will change really come from I wonder, this Bank Holiday Monday; the year drawing to a close.

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