In support of Kevin Short

 In Support of Kevin Short
(permission to repost) 
Greg Crowhurst Dec 26 2010

Local ME have apparently  denied  Kevin Short,the man solely  responsible for the Gibson Inquiry ,  one of the  High Court defendants in the continuous case against  NICE,  access to its list;  personally I have no interest in participating  in their Forum, I have no idea  why they made their baffling decision .

All I know is that without Kev, we would not be in the leading position we are now in Norfolk. This is the man who got me involved. Kev leaves and breathes ME activism ; he will not hesitate for a second  to pick up the phone and speak to those that matter, those that  can make a difference.

To put it mildly, Kev is impatient for change.

His "offence", possibly,  could be that he criticized the MEA. I struggle, but I just cannot see the issue. The MEA were simply wrong to have published that absurd  piece by the Kent and Sussex ME Society.

Their defense  :

"We believe in publishing a wide spectrum of information and opinion in our news section. We do not believe that we should censor material because we take the position that people with ME/CFS have a right to know what a variety of clinicians and researchers are saying about new research findings involving XMRV - even though they may not agree with the opinions being expressed." 

According to the MEA then,   in the interests of being free and open, we should all be faithfully publishing the chicanery that the psychiatric lobby ejaculates daily. the MEA really so naive ?

It's beyond contempt, especially given that  it is to the MEA , that the BBC turns for comment.

Kev was absolutely right to have challenged  the MEA. His outrage mirrors our own. Stonebird was proud to publish his initial  report and is equally honored to publish  his brilliant Christmas Day riposte to the MEA's miserable attempt to justify their  atrocious editorial decision. 

The psychiatric lobby have taken us for fools for far too long. Let it be known, far and wide, especially with Kev on our side,  that we have had enough. 


  1. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for posting this!

  2. It may take a while before others get it thru their thick heads that we are fed up, we are smart and our brains are not completely dead; we will confront the wrong when it occurs and they had better beware our wrath and facts!

    Go Kevin, and thank you Greg!


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