Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 8th December

Jan 8th 2011
The most wonderful thing about the Light of Life is that it cannot be diminished, vanquished or extinguished because it comes from God.
No darkness or evil can obliterate it. darkness cannot take it away. Wat an incredible thing to know with absolute certainty that our gift of life is a gift of Light from God and it will always shine. This is the truth and this is the promise given by Our Lord.

With this in mind we give joyful thanks that our prayer, that Dr Sarah Myhill be reinstated, has been answered, in the most stunning turnaround, this week !
Justice and truth have once again triumphed !

We pray :
Lord in Your Mercy
tenderly heal me

Lord fill me with Your Holy Peace
not of this world

Lord bless me with Your healing Presence
restore me to full health

Lord strengthen me with the Power of Your Spirit
ease the burdens that I carry

Lord comfort me with the Truth of Your Love
May all Mercy be received.

Let our lights all unite in Him; let us sing as one voice of the truth and power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

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