Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 22nd January 2011

Take time to be still and find me.
Reach into the stillness of my love.
Let it fill you.
Let your heart say Yes to me , endlessly Yes.
In that Yes we can work wonders
In that Yes all things are possible
Be Bold
Come find me
In the power of that Yes
Fill me with Joy.
Take the step that leads to me,
Only say Yes
And find me

Today we pray for all people who are struggling; may they find God's presence with them.
May they open their heart to receive His blessing in their lives

As we say Yes to the absolute Power of Love in our lives, may we feel Love respond with healing, hope and miracles.

For all who are ill, may they find comfort and strength.

For all who are struggling, especially with financial worries and debt, may they find help.

For all who are isolated and alone may they find hope

For all in need, may their needs be met.

We ask in faith

Lord graciously hear us.

We have a new Prayer Request notice board, where specific prayer requests can be placed for us all to pray for them.

May all find comfort who seek his blessing. Amen

Prayer Requests :

"If your prayer team could kindly keep my family in prayer. I.E. Issues with stablizing housing, heavy debts, and constant lack. My family needs prayers from those who believe strongly in the power of prayer. Please also pray for my brother who recently got out of jail. "
21st Jan 2011

Please visit the Breakthrough Prayer Page :

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