Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 29th January 2011

I place my heart
I place
my body
I place
my hope
I place
my hurt
All in You

I ask for
a miracle
will be

I trust in
and I
with all
my being

Lord, we believe in miracles and so we ask today for miracles, trusting that you hear us.

We ask for the miracle of truth, that the MRC funding, recently announced for biomedical research, will truly be awarded to genuine biomedical research by clinicans seeking the physical causes underlying ME and will not be highjacked by the psychiatric lobby for pseudo-science.

We pray that the Government Minister will act with integrity regarding Professor Hooper's letter of complaint against the MRC and that all the concerns raised in his letter will be acknowledged and rectified, so that the lives of people with ME will finally be treated with the honour they deserve and a miracle of proper biomedical tests, treatments and Consultants, who respect us, will follow.

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