The Rat

The Rat appeared on the bird table; outside the kitchen window. Only yesterday I had pointed out two Robin Redbreasts there;   I was far  too slow though  with the camera.

Bang : in the car !! Seaside.   Hardware store. Rat trap in hand , I am making my way home. It was only much later, my wife lying in agony, not knowing  how to get through the day, she cannot bear much more, that I thought about all those families.

It was  a Sunday  A dad with his kids discussing football. This couple, arm in arm hurrying to the pub , someone saying oh look there's a fire in there. Sunday lunch time smell. Passing the restaurant window by myself. Gulls and the tang of salt.

The darkened room, my wife, the silence, the pain.

I was thinking about how  I take it for granted now; all the losses, all the Sundays we miss out on; what others call normal  life.

What we call survival, coping, drenched in tears.

Intense anger welled up in me.

There's more than rats outside my window.

 I am dealing with it !


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