Even after a night's sleep, I am ablaze !

Heard yesterday  about the  attitude of a medical  Consultant who so cruelly and casually dismissed a child with heart goes out to that child and to her mother. No words can describe the shock, the hurt, the pain when you encounter, as most of us do, the dumbness, empty-headedness,half-knowledge, illiteracy, incapacity and incomprehension of ME, which  runs rampant in medicine  .

All you can do is pick yourself up and continue fighting. Setbacks can have  a terrific slingshot effect, channeling one's  despair into action. For when it comes down to it, that Consultant has absolutely no rational  basis upon which to defend his actions. Truth is firmly on our side and the brave act of placing the overwhelming biomedical  truth of ME down  on the table,  will just  blow his  complacency away : that , at least has been my experience, using the formal complaint process, to change things here in Norfolk.

Our latest article, The Praise of Suffering , published in this month's Good News Magazine, is now online :

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