Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 26h February 2011

Justice for people who are disabled

His Light cannot be put out

He is the Light of the world
an immense radiant and pure light that shines so that we can all see the way; so that we can all find God in any moment and evil can never triumph. The Light of the World is present reigning triumphant over death and giving life to all through His power of Love. His radiance will always lead and guide us through any apparent darkness for where the Light of the World is no darkness or evil can really be.

Lord in your mercy hear us and help us.
We pray for justice, we pray for truth, we pray for protection from any injustice.
We pray particularly that the needs of the disabled will not be abused or go unmet in these punative economic times.
We ask that this Government think again about its policies towards disability, knowing that nothing is impossible to you Lord, in the power of united prayer. Amen.

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