Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 19th February 2011

Feb 19th 2011

PACE Trial

The day after the publication of the PACE Trial results we need not to despair but to place our trust in God's Light and Mercy.
I am the Light of the World
anyone who follows me will not
be walking in the dark
he will have the light of life
John 8 : 12

This is a wonderful affirmation of Christ's presence with us. We cannot be in the dark, even if it seems that way with earthly eyes, we can see clearly if we look with spiritual eyes that the light of life, Jesus Christ, is with us

This tells us we need not fear, even when all seems dark, because God will never abandon us; he will always be close. Such is the truth that even when Christ died on the cross, God was with him.

The Light of Life is with us. The Light of Life is God's immense gift to us. It is the living force, the light that energises, blesses, guides, is.

It is the light of Truth. The Way to the Father, the Light of men and the Life of men.

Joy indeed.

His gift is endless and boundless.

Joy indeed.

We`are never alone. The Light of Life sustains us and is triumphant over all adversity. For darkness cannot exist where light is. And light illuminates God's Holy Truth. And the truth will set you free.

How wonderful indeed then to know the power of light and the power of life that conquers even death. That is eternal. Praise God.

The Light of Life shines in us and sets us free. praise God for ever and ever.

When I feel weak
 Lord, be my strength
 When I feel troubled
 Lord, be my Light
 When I feel ill
 Lord be my Help
 When I feel Lost
 Lord, be my guide

I bring you Light and Peace to fill the darkness that surrounds you. Listen for Truth. Feel my Light shine golden, glowing, transforming. Love flowing out to meet you where you are.

You are my Light. Stand tall in the shadows and shine that light now for all to see and feel my radiant presence reaching out through you to heal, to forgive and love. Amen


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