Perrin's point found !

Perrin's point found !
Greg Crowhurst 
28th February 2011

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It was extraordinary enough being seated around a table in the Houses of Parliament with  all the major ME Charities,  but not nearly as incredible as listening, for the first time ,  to Dr  Perrin speak . It was the Gibson Inquiry.

 I was deeply moved. This man spoke with conviction and  a diving   passion.     I was hanging on every word he said; here at last was someone refreshingly speaking sense.

This man was helping  me understand, as never before,  the multi-system dysfunction that is Severe ME.  Later on I would come  to learn much, much  more about  Raymond Perrin's extraordinary commitment to people with ME.

This is what he said  : ME " in many cases is actually a pre-viral condition with a possible virus being the last straw." 

Just let that sink in.

 We've all read Byron Hyde, we all know how  the central nervous system is profoundly involved in ME. Dr Perrin helps you appreciate how. He explained  that   different stress factors some physical, or environmental, hormonal, allergic "or via bacterial or viral infections" resulting in the accumulation of toxins in the brain and more important ,a reversal of drainage of  toxins  from the brain which leads to further accumulation.

What if Perrin is right ? What if as a result of a person's exposure to some physical, allergic,  infectious or  other  trauma ,   the result is an  overwhelming   toxic overload ?

The brain, I believe,  lacks  any lymphatic drainage system , Perrin argues  that the  only way to rid the brain of toxins, is by secondary drainage via the cerebrospinal fluid , resulting in the eventual elimination of toxins via the liver and kidneys. This , as I understand it,   is what the Perrin Technique an osteopathic approach to diagnosing and treating ME , sets out  to do. 

Alongside  cranio-sacral work, the Perrin Technique involves   manual stimulation of the fluid around the brain and the spinal cord and  lymphatic massage of the soft tissue of the chest, back, neck and head .

What  particularly impresses me so much   is that Dr Perrin is one of the  very, few practitioners who is   actively   working, hands-on,  with the most severely affected patients. He has amassed a wealth of experience in working with people with Severe ME,  for extremely short  periods over a long period of  time; the great danger of Severe ME, of course,  is of deterioration  into an even worse state of illness, which could be devastating.

Coming back from the Gibson Inquiry I was excited and hopeful for the future. However I was shocked by the negative responses that followed on the internet in regard to his work.

I cannot think of anyone , with so much to offer potentially,  who has  been so ignored, as I see it, so  unfairly  maligned. 

I write this because significantly, a study entitled "Increased Tenderness in the Left Intercostal Space in Adult patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis",   just published  by Puri et al (2011)   in the Journal of International Medical Research ( ) has  confirmed the existence of  "Perrin's Point", even if it does not reference it as such. I quote from The Perrin Technique p. 79 : "In every CFS/ME patient, whether male or female, there was a very tender area in the upper lateral region of the breast tissue, roughly 2cm superior and lateral to the left nipple."  

The study concludes that this finding may be a"clinical sign of ME, with a sensitivity of 81% and a specificity of 100%". Indeed. 

 I have  had long conversations with Ray Perrin since Gibson , all  incredibly helpful to me , in appreciating  just  how seriously  my wife's  body is malfunctioning and much more than that : why.

Retrovirues , Enteroviruses , Mitochondrial dysfunction, all of these offer tantalizing glimpses of something....... , but the overall picture is  so frustratingly patchy and bitty .

How many people with ME have  a clue what is going wrong in their 
body ? For sure, they may have ideas, but with so many systems involved, it is very difficult to gain an overall view.   Dr Perrin brilliantly, convincingly, to my mind,   offers just that.

Is he right ? Time and research will tell;  this latest study, confirming the Perrin Point,  is a huge confirmation. 

 I was right to be impressed.


  1. Do you try and do any of the Perrin techniques on Linda? Does it help at all? have you considered having someone visit her weekly, or do you feel she is too ill to risk the treatment?

    Thank you in advance.


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