Withering away

I am withering away
by small daily degrees.
I am ill, yet
I am getting more ill.
I am reduced,
diminished to sitting in a chair
unable to move or think
or lying in bed unable to sit upright,
my muscles unsupportive
and unable to comply with my intention.
I am declining
while the government and the NHS speak about
service and choice.
There is no choice here.
There is no help available on the NHS.
Instead there is ignorance, 
deliberate denial,
inability to to engage with the truth
and take appropriate action
red tape
and fobbing off,
often negating or patronising responses
ignorant practitioners
inappropriate services
and inadequate provision.
Yet this is a serious neurological disease.
I am disappearing
physically and mentally
whilst my loved one, my husband, my carer, my advocate, my all
fights on year after year , decade after decade,
against the machinations of despair and denial:
the psychiatric psychosocial lobby
that destroys all hope of biomedical truth and integrity.
When is enough enough?
When will the Truth spearhead change?
When will the lies and nonsense
being disseminated about ME,
finally be recognised
and the great psychosocial scam
of the 21st century
be exposed ?
ME is a truly devastating physical disease.
But when will I have the security of knowing it is being treated as such?
When will I feel safe from persecution, ignorance, denial and neglect?
When will the NHS pay for the proper biomedical tests and treatments my serious disease requires, as standard care?
And when will I not be marginalised and hidden away,
misrepresented and misunderstood,
out of sight and out of mind
in splendid isolation,
coping with deteriorating health
without the proper  support of the National Health Service
Time is surely come for a change?

Linda Crowhurst


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