Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 12th March 2011

We pray for Pauline

We have just heard the very sad news that Pauline, co-author of The Breakthrough Prayer , a deeply spiritual person , full of love , who endured a dreaful amount of suffering with ME , Cancer and Diabetes, died this morning. In Theresa's words, " A great spirit is gone" We pray tonight at 9pm, especially for Steve , her beloved husband , " one of the saints" says Theresa, and for the daughter and three sons that she leaves behind.

March 12th 2011 

Lent 2011

Lent seems for me to be a time of waiting.

God asks us to wait. God bids us to wait in Trust and Faith for Easter and onwards to Pentecost, for the fulfilment of Jesus’ mission on Earth - the coming of the Holy Spirit, Power Most High.
Waiting however is not always an easy thing , though it is something that those of us who suffer with ME come to know well. It can be agonising, irritating, frustrating, exciting ,peaceful and many other things besides. It is definitely something that we can all experience differently. It does not always feel like a blessing!

So how can we wait, this Lent?

We can wait in contemplation. And in our contemplation we may discover that we are held in the silence of waiting. This might feel endless, empty even, yet if we listen carefully perhaps we can hear the still small voice of Love, whispering to be patient, whispering that Love will Triumph and the Power of the Spirit will be released to Bless the world and all our lives in unseen, unknown, unexpected even unhoped for ways.

Let us wait then in Hope and anticipation. Let us listen for Love.

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  1. Thank you ever so much for this - it helps to give me a focus!


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