Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 19th January 2011

March 19th 2011
Japan, Libya, Bahrain
As we pray tonight for peace, healing and comfort around the world; the mysteries of Light bring us much needed radiance in the darkness, wisdom in the void, truth in the uncertainty of living in a damaged and hurting world.

The Mysteries of Light are the Perfect companion for our Lent journey, as they bring a much needed focus to the emptiness of the desert. They help us focus our attention on Jesus’ ministry, as it builds up to the climax of Easter week.

They begin by bringing awareness of the very real presence of the Trinity ,to our attention, in the first mystery, moving on to the wonder of Jesus mission:the transforming power of love where miracles are seen and believed through the miracle of the water into wine.

Following on from the miraculous, we come to a much needed emphasis on forgiveness, reconciliation and mercy in the third mystery of Light: the main focus of Jesus Life ultimately, to bring mercy and lead us back to God, the Father, who is Love.

Moving on we come to the fourth and awesome mystery of the Transfiguration: the most powerful and wonderful transformative truth, illuminated so clearly for us through the experience of Peter, James and John; those closest to Jesus. Here we can ask that we too may be blessed in a similar way to the disciples; to grow closer in our own discipleship; to see the pure light of life , radiant in all His beauty .We can then ask to see the same truth in all our neighbours, even in our enemies: the light of life that links , unites, heals, brings hope for the world.

The fifth mystery is the mystery of the Eucharist. The purity of God’s love radiates out calling us to receive,to be fed, sustained by the essence of Light itself,manifest in the bread of Love. This is the holy gift given to us, which remains with us, which unites and strengthens us and brings us ever closer to the awareness of the living God within us. As we contemplate the true presence here within ,may we grow in holiness and carry all the gifts of the Mysteries of Light with us out into the world in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

All these mysteries are brought together on the Cross on Good Friday, but are illuminated powerfully and individually through contemplating the Mysteries of Light.

As we contemplate ,so we are lead more and more into the depths of Jesus Ministry and mission. As we pray and ask for Light to shine more brightly in our hearts and minds,so it manifests more in our lives, bringing untold blessings to what can sometimes feel like a tedious and dark journey towards the Cross, through Lent.

How can we not rejoice in the Mysteries of Light ? How can we not use them as a powerful gift of intercession for ourselves , for each other, indeed for the whole world, this Lent and always. Amen.

We pray especially tonight for Pauline , co-author of the Breakthrough Prayer, whose funeral is this week :

Lord may we find
every hope
in all
that You have 
promised :
that even in death
we shall still live
in You


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