Linda lies, covered in dirt,  where she has fallen and hit her head, hard,  on a brick. She grows increasingly dizzy and unsteady on her feet. By the time this picture was taken,  I  had held her, as best I could, I had  tried to comfort her , while fighting down my howls of despair; but she could not move for ages. I quickly took this picture, why ??

I wanted proof, evidence, something, anything I could find.... With rare exceptions, no one has a clue what people with Severe ME go  through. It is not getting any better.

So I have this picture, tell me, what is a carer to do with his
 anger ??


  1. Take her to the Breakspear hospital Hemel Hempstead they specialise with patients with ME/CFS and have had some considerable successes.The NHS is just not upto muster on treating this disease and it may be years before they are.

  2. I feel you, Greg. It's like crying for help in a soundproof room!


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