ME Attack

Linda Crowhurst
ME Attack by Linda Crowhurst
                                           Let us be clear there is real injustice going on with ME.
The Psychiatric lobby have high jacked the name "ME" and filled it full of fatigue patients whilst alienating those of us with a genuine neurological disease and leaving us without any viable health care service.
When is the nation going to awaken to this great con ?
When are they going to see that the wool has been deliberately pulled over their eyes ? So they cannot see the injustice and abuse and neglect going on in the name of ME.
It is time to make a stand and speak up loudly until we are seen and heard.
We have to be seen and heard because failure will mean more deaths.
ME Attack
I do not want my ME to define me
So I try to define it
to clarify it
to demistify it
to explain it
so others understand
the intensity, complexity and 
torment of symptoms I experience
so I can be free from it
Despite being trapped in it
It is hard enough to bear the constant
torment of symptoms,
the never-ending
physical suffering
Yet harder still to bear
is the ignorance, the denial,
the downplaying of it all,
the almost complete lack of empathy
from others
The complete lack of understanding
of people , professionals, systems,
that negate and fail me
because they simply do not
comprehend my reality..even still,
17 years on.
Linda Crowhurst 
28th March 2011 


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