Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 2nd April 2011

    April 2nd 2011
    The symptoms of Severe ME
    The symptoms of severe ME are overwhelming.

    When there is no energy, no ability, limited thought and a constant onslaught of symptoms affecting so many different systems of the body it is hard to find ways to cope with the day, the hour , the moment you find yourself in.

    When things feel bad, empty, intolerable, desperate, then more than any other time this is when we need to cling to God and hold on to Hope: Hope for a better moment, hope for a real change in Government Policy, hope for a biomedical Breakthrough.

    Hope for a change of hearts and minds. Hope for something good to happen. Hope for comfort and an easing of the painful distressing onslaught of the illness Hope in God's Love to bless you right now.

    Hope defeats despair.Hope lifts us up into the Heart of Love. Hope lifts us up to God's realm where miracles happen and joy is complete. Hope helps us through the most difficult of moment.

    Let us ask always then to live in Hope and Trust that it will be so.

    Let us Pray that the Breakthrough Prayer we pray each week will be answered . We pray that not only will it be answered, but it will be answered now. We place our Hope fervently in God and Trust he will hear and answer our request. Amen.

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