Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 9th April 2011

    April 9th 2011
    When things get desperate
    Lord when things get desperate , may we turn to you in all trust, knowing you will keep us and save us.

    Be a light to shine upon us 
     and always fill our hearts with peace. 
     Give us the gifts of discernment 
     and knowledge that we may always 
     know which direction is true; 
     especially in dire times.Amen
    As the Government's cuts begin to bite and take hold of the country, more and more people will struggle. We need God's Light, His Truth and His Peace to protect us from harm.

    The disabled are suffering greatly with ESA and the introduction of PIP; our concerns appear to be disregarded .

    This is the time to speak up and to keep speaking up. Some agencies, such asThe Hardest Hit are doing this ; the poorest and the disabled will be some of the hardest hit.

    Let us continue to pray with Power for Truth and Justice and Light to shine and illuminate the truth of our predicament to the Government. Let us pray for a change in policy even now. Amen


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