Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 16th April 2011

There is such a need for Truth and Justice in the medical field of ME.
People are so seriously and severely ill and disabled with this devastating neurological disease that it is hard to fathom why there is no universal biomedical approach to it or to help us in our plight.

It is simply beyond understanding why ,when there are so many people physically affected , proper biomedical tests and a congruent universal definition which would validate the physiological dysfunction at the heart of the disease are not available on the NHS and are not being rigorously sought or developed by the government in order to alleviate the physical suffering and the ensuing poverty that people struggle with for decades.

Instead people are neglected, maligned, wrongly treated or abandoned and disregarded. They are left to cope , isolated and alone or with friends and families sacrificing their lives and livelihoods in order to support them outside of a system that cares not despite its responsibility to them.

This is a neurological disease acknowledged by the WHO yet despite this people/s experience of neurologists Is often negative and those who seek neurological support and clarification for their disease may end up feeling more devastated , denied and alienated from a health service that is clearly failing them.

We ask today that God help us to right this wrong. We ask for an end to this practice of negation, the watering down of truth, the dissemination of untruth about this very real physical disease ..
We ask all the angels and the archangels to pray with us and for us and all of heaven to back us in our demands for Truth and Justice alongside biomedical integrity in the world for people with Myalgic Ecephalomyelitis.

This is our prayer for today. May all untruth be banished and a new era of biomedical integrity and wisdom be established . Lord here us, Lord graciously save us. Amen.


  1. Amen to that guys! What a gorgeous picture too.Love Theresa xx

  2. Amen! Have spoken that prayer with you.


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