Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 23rd April 2011

April 23rd 2011
When we think about Easter , we cannot forget the Cross of Good Friday; the pathway that leads to the joy of the resurrection.
Sometimes when we look at the Cross all we can see or think of, is pain and suffering . And we cannot always bear it. We cannot sometimes even look. However the Cross is so much more than the physical experience we see.

If we look closely perhaps we can also see the humility and love of Jesus: his immense compassion and desire to heal the whole world, not just for then or for now, but for all time. We can feel his longing to help every single person who has ever lived , and all those yet to come .
When we look at the Cross, let us ask to see the light , the truth, the wisdom and the power of God ,shining forth from this ultimate healing moment for all mankind. Let us ask to see and feel the wonder of Mercy , silently flowing out to touch us all, remembering that God’s Mercy flows forever and ever.

When we look at Jesus with his arms open wide to receive and redeem all the hurt of the world, we need to use our spiritual eyes to look beyond the earth bound situation . For he is not alone . As Jesus, the Son of God, reaches out to embrace us all, so his heavenly Father, with his ultimate Love for his Son, is embracing him also. When Jesus calls out in agony , the Father calls with him ; when Jesus cries, so does the Father
When we call out , we too are heard, because we are held in that loving compassionate embrace of the Father and the Son. When our tears fall, they are made holy , for we are held by the Father and the Son, forever, in that moment , in the Heart of Love.

Let us then look with new eyes on the Cross this Easter. Let us find hope and healing, mingled with our pain and tears. And let us thank God for the ultimate gift of Life that flows from this outpouring of love.

Perhaps the prayer circle this week 
could especially remember  people with 
Severe ME and carers , who feel isolated
 and alone within the illness,
 especially at Easter.


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