Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 30th April 2011

April 30th 2011
Today we choose to focus on giving thanks and praise for all the small triumphs and graces that help us get through each day.
For this is how we can survive the great onslaught of physical symptoms and the gross injustice and neglect we experience in the world; for our neurological disease, ME.

When we turn to God, He can bring us through the hardest of places, when we focus inwardly we can miraculously find some sense of peace and goodness within immense suffering; not of the world.

When we focus outwardly and seek union spiritually with others, we can build on hope and strength. Our prayers , joined together , transcend all difficulties and immerse us in the Kingdom of Love; God's kingdon here with us.

Lord we turn to You
and place our hearts
and minds in love.
We give thanks and praise
for all good
things that you have given us.
May we always find beauty in
each day. Amen


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