Precious time

Precious Time

She cannot move, her muscles are screaming, her back is in agony, her breathing is difficult, her temperature fluctuates widely. She gasps, she cries with the pain, with her complete inability to function. She gets through the day , desperately trying to cope with the torment she is in.

Yet again, I hold her and try to comfort her.

I wish I was rich enough to afford to pay for the treatment and research that is needed. I think about my book and resolve to try harder to get it published. I think about the precious time I have wasted getting involved with so-called ME groups, only to be let down again and again. Where has it got us ? Nowhere ! Not even a word of thanks.  More, I think about the horrible  impact my involvement has had on Linda. We balance,  dizzily  isolated, high over the void, on a swaying tightrope called survival.

I am just about to post the Breakthrough Prayer reflection that Linda has painfully composed; truly it is written in blazing fire.


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