Breakthrough Prayer 9pm GMT Saturday 07 May 2011

Linda is too unwell today - dreadful pain-  for us to write any prayer or reflection for the Breakthrough Prayer .

Next week is ME Awareness Week; we  hold the whole ME Community in our prayers. Let us pray for all who are suffering so terribly- without any hope of treatment, respect or  cure.

We will join with you, in prayer,  at 9pm.

The Breakthrough Prayer by Theresa and Pauline

God our Father, we love you and know you love us. Today with one voice we beseech you to help us in our suffering.

May we bathe in the light of your love and healing, giving us strength to get through each day. By the power of your Holy Spirit uplift our carers and lighten their heavy load in dealing with this unrelenting illness and their own despair.

Enfold in your special love, those who live alone enduring further isolation and loneliness. Dearest Father we pray fervently for a major medical breakthrough in ME.

Bring your Divine inspiration to the researchers of this terrible disease, which is sweeping across your beloved earth .

May the mountain of ME be removed and thrown into the sea.

Through our faith we trust and thank you , in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord. Amen.


  1. Sorry you are so bad Linda. I'm on the rack too!
    The problem for so many of us with Severe ME is precisely that we can do so little.Yet we are precious to God and can unite with Him through the heavy, heavy Cross that is consuming us at times. Hands up here - don't always manage it by a long way!!

    I thought I'd leave you with some inspiring words, though, written by Xu Yongchai. He is a psychiatric doctor who has been jailed three times and spent two years in a labour camp in China.Considered a trouble maker he is currently unemployed.

    ' I am not afraid of sufferings. Persecution is God's blessing. Without Jesus we only have hatred but with persecution you start to experience more of God's love. So persecution and suffering are paths to God's Cross'.

    ' Political criminals are especially in need of the Gospel. I am one of them. I had hatred in my heart. But as we meet and learn God's Word, we learn to love those who are persecuting us'.

    And equally remarkable is his message to the government!

    ' Jesus loves you - truly. Hatred only brings our country to disaster, hell on earth. But his love will change you. He wants to bring more love to this country.'

    Amen to that.


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