Don't bother me

Someone once said it's the only love song you ever need; I still cannot listen to "Jersey Girl" by Tom Waits without a shiver ;  I have never heard such a simple,  powerful expression of love.

As the song says : being in my angel's  arms is all I need "..she gives me everything". My wife and I are utterly in love.

"Nothing else matters in this whole wide world."

It was okay at the time, but how it got to me yesterday. I met someone I  haven't seen in ages - for I have been nowhere for ages.

"Are you getting a break" she kept saying, well meaning. "After all you have to look after your sanity."

Sanity....?? Have you any idea.....?

As if  I would say to her , oh are you getting a break from your husband ?

So, I ended up just out of it yesterday. How frail we are. need to be so careful, when trying to help.


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